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Specialty Marketing Lists


Direct Marketing LeadSource (DML) has access to unique data sources where we can help you find the best value for your targeted niche group. We are data experts and will identify the highest quality data at the best value for your targeted needs. We evaluate the marketplace to determine the most effective file based on key data quality characteristics, the compiler and your goals.

Specialty marketing lists can cover a myriad of attributes. Below are some of the popular specialty list options:

 • Affluent    • Dedicated Donors  • Hot Baby Boomers
 • Ailment Buyers   • Diet Conscious Buyers   • Online Shoppers
 • Apparel Buyers   • Electronics Buyers  • Pet Owners
 • Arts & Crafts Buyers    • Equestrian Mail Order Buyers  • Professionals
 • Beauty & Cosmetics Buyers  • Food & Gift Buyers    • Senior Ailment Buyers
 • Book Buyers  • Gardening Buyers  • Sports Mania
 • Business Executives   • Grandparents    • Toy Buyers
 • Collectibles Buyers    • Health Care Professionals   • Video & DVD Buyers
 • Computer Mail Order Buyers  • Health Choices     • Wall Street Spenders
 • Craft Mail Order Buyers  • Holiday Buyers   • Women Shoppers
 • Culinary Fanatics     • Holistic Health Buyers  • Young Investors

....and many more!


DML Does the Work For You
DML takes the time and guesswork out of your list building process. Our employees are seasoned marketing professionals and know what criteria it takes gets the best results. We do all the work for you and deliver counts and orders in minutes. DML is your single source data services expert providing the highest quality postal and email marketing lists for: prescreen automotive and mortgage credit, bankruptcy, vehicle make ownership, consumer demographic, modeled credit, judgment and liens, preforeclosure and property, specialty, business and saturation.

Why work with multiple companies when you can partner with one industry expert to handle all of your data needs?

Interested in learning more? Consult with one of our experts about your specific needs:

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