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  Targeting Fast Facts
    •  60+ million subprime

    •  750,000 leases will expire
        in the next 12 months

    •  37,000+ daily auto loan
       (trigger) inquiries

    •  6.5 million consumers
       will pay off their auto
       loan this year

    •  64+ million consumers
       with no open auto loans
    •  6+ million auto loan
       holders with an interest
       rate of 8.5% or more


Campaign Services

Automotive Marketing:
Automotive Prescreen Credit 
Vehicle Ownership 

Attorney Marketing:

Email Marketing:
Email Marketing Services

Financial Services Marketing:
HARP 2.0
Preforeclosure & NOD
Specialty Campaigning   

Mortgage Marketing:

HARP 2.0
Preforeclosure & NOD


Automotive Prescreen Credit Campaigns

Prescreen credit marketing data helps automotive marketers reach consumers with relevant direct mail offers who are qualified and in the market. 

Automotive prescreen credit marketing lists are derived from national credit bureau files and provide the most accurate information available to build credit qualified campaigns.  DML provides the flexibility to utilize multiple credit bureau files to reach a larger universe of credit qualified consumers. Only prescreen credit marketing data lists allow marketers to target by credit score range, lease and loan position and many other credit based attributes to micro target for relevant offers. DML will help you determine the most effective campaign with 40+ selects for your campaign goals.    

Lease End Campaigns for In Market Purchase Cycle 
Prescreen automotive credit marketing provides the ability to reach consumers who are approaching a lease termination and making a purchase decision. Consumers with a loan that is more than 70% paid are often able to obtain a new loan without a negative equity vehicle position. 

High Interest APR Conversions
With today’s lower interest rate loans, automotive dealerships are experiencing great success in helping consumers with higher rate loans obtain new vehicles with lower interest rates and lower payments. 

Get the DML Difference
DML provides automotive prescreen credit campaign consultation services to manage data selection and order placement, direct mail piece review compliance, daily production reporting, history and performance metrics. 

We are automotive experts helping clients reach in market consumers while following important compliance requirements. Our fast, consultative services and competitive pricing will give you the edge to succeed with your campaigns. 


Marketing Experts 
We understand the marketplace and provide consultation services to help you to achieve the best return on your marketing investment. DML is your single source expert providing the highest quality postal and email marketing campaign services for: prescreen automotive credit, bankruptcy, vehicle make ownership, consumer demographic, modeled credit, pre-foreclosure and property, specialty, and business. 
Why work with multiple companies when you can partner with one industry expert to handle all your needs?

Interested in learning more? Consult with one of our experts about your specific needs:

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