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Preforeclosure, Foreclosure, and Default Stage Marketing Lists


Direct Marketing LeadSource (DML) provides mortgage, real estate, financial services, legal professionals and their marketers with the largest selection and most effective data to reach property owners in the time sensitive stages of preforeclosure and foreclosure. We are experts who understand the Default and Foreclosure stages across the country including: Preforeclosure and Notice of Default, Pending Auction Sales and REO (Real Estate Owned) properties.  Our fast, consultative services and competitive pricing will give you the edge to succeed with your campaigns.

Preforeclosure Mailing Lists for loan modification, legal assistance, and more!

It is critical to the success of the campaign to have the most update to date and comprehensive data from a provider who understands the foreclosure process. Each state has unique filing procedures that impact the type of offer and timing of when the message is presented. DML provides the most accurate data available that is updated daily and derived from federal, state, and county filings. Each day, new filings and changes in status are filed and updated across the country. Accurate data is the cornerstone for time sensitive delinquent targeted marketing offers. Develop successful campaigns utilizing our unique in-depth foreclosure lists and our consultative personal service to help identify the most effective combination of data selects to make your marketing campaign successful. 

Expansive Targeting for Foreclosure Marketing Lists

With a file that represents over 95% of the United States population and growing, we cover over 132 million properties in more than 2,000 counties in the U.S. We offer more than 100 distinct criteria fields and hundreds of search filters.Data is derived from local public records, and is not NCOA or CASS processed.
  • Default Initiated (Pre-foreclosure, Lis Pen Dens, Notice of Default)
  • Pending Auction Sales (auction has been scheduled- foreclosure judgment was granted)
  • REO Properties (Real Estate Owned- by bank/financial institution)


DML Does the Work For You
DML takes the time and guesswork out of your list building process. Our employees are seasoned marketing professionals and know what criteria it takes gets the best results. We do all the work for you and deliver counts and orders in minutes. DML is your single source data services expert providing the highest quality postal and email marketing lists for: prescreen automotive and mortgage credit, bankruptcy, vehicle make ownership, consumer demographic, modeled credit, judgment and liens, preforeclosure and property, specialty, business and saturation.

Why work with multiple companies when you can partner with one industry expert to handle all of your data needs?

Interested in learning more? Consult with one of our experts about your specific needs:

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      Targeting & Tips

• Preforeclosure is considered
      the 1st stage of the foreclosure
      process. Preforeclosure can
      be tracked in most states with
      a judicial (court) foreclosure
      process, without accessing 
      prescreen credit (FCRA) data.

    • In many states, consumers are 
      in this 1st stage for considerable
      lengths of time. They can still be

    • For states that have non
      judicial foreclosures, most can
      only be tracked after the
      foreclosure judgment is issued
      & is scheduled for an auction.
      This is considered the
      "pending auction" stage.

    • Most states allow up until the
      start of the auction to save the
      property, and other states even
      have a  redemption period,
      allowing the homeowner, if they
      satisfy the debt, to take back the
      property; up to a year later, in
      some cases.
    • Once the property has been
      auctioned, you lose the ability
      to track the previous 
      homeowner. You can,
      however, track the bank
      owned (REO) property itself.

   • Data Usage: attorneys,   
     real estate brokers, investors,
     financial offers. Refinance, loan
     modification, legal advice,
     bankruptcy, short sale, credit

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