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Marketing Campaign List Solutions & Services

In todays marketplace, effective direct mail marketing requires highly targeted prospects to meet the challenges of generating qualified responders, and most importantly, profitable clients.
DML specializes in marketing lists for automotive credit, mortgage credit, vehicle make and model ownership, bankruptcy, judgement and liens, lifestyle data, property, preforeclosure and specialty postal and email campaigns. Together, these databases represent billions of individual records, and include thousands of different individual attributes that are linked to sophisticated analytical and processing capabilities.


Industry Experts in Direct Marketing Data Services

We simplify finding the best marketing lists for your campaigns. We are experienced industry experts who understand your business. We work closely with you to deliver the most cost effective marketing list solutions to drive results. With DML as your partner, you can save time and focus on your business. Our part­ners receive personal service, quality marketing list solutions and value pricing.

"At Direct Marketing LeadSource we go the extra mile to make a difference in the success of each campaign. Too many companies view customers as a one-time sales event. We look at each customer, large or small, as a long term partnership. We are all about speed, accuracy, and dependability."  - Shelly Thompson, President 


We are experts delivering the highest quality marketing data list services and competitive pricing to give our clients the edge to succeed with their marketing campaigns. We always go the extra mile to provide the best solution for your marketing investment. 


We provide amazing, fast service! No need to wait hours and days for help! You talk with a real person each time you call our office to review your campaign goals. Providing the information you need quickly to do your business is our goal. You are never delayed with annoying phone prompts and voicemail loops. 


Accurate data is the cornerstone of each campaign. Our team of seasoned industry experts understand your business and the best combination of data elements to deliver results. We provide guidance and recommendations to provide the most effective campaign list solution for your goals.



DML is all about delivering exceptional list quality and customer service that goes above and beyond the typical experience. We strive for long term partnerships, not a single order.  Over the years, our business has been built upon delivering quality marketing list services, integrity, and professionalism.


Interested in learning more? Consult with one of our experts about your specific needs:

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DML Marketing News

APR Marketing 

Incredible automotive acquisition results! Consumers with high interest rate auto loans can benefit from today's lower interest rates. DML can help you reach the 6+ million credit qualified prospects available. More info...

Preforeclosure & NOD Marketing  
Reach distressed properties in various stages of foreclosure. More info...

HARP 2.0 & FHA Marketing 
Reach consumers in the most active segments in the mortgage industry today!  More info...

Campaign Services

Automotive Marketing:
Automotive Prescreen Credit 
Vehicle Ownership 

Attorney Marketing:

Email Marketing:
Email Marketing Services

Financial Services Marketing:
HARP 2.0
Preforeclosure & NOD
Specialty Campaigning   

Mortgage Marketing:

HARP 2.0
Preforeclosure & NOD

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