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Marketing Campaign List Services for Financial Services Marketers

Maximize your Marketing Investment with Accurate Data & Expert Consultation


Reach consumers who may need financial advice and assistance. Many consumers with judgment and liens need financial and legal assistance to help manage their filings and to re-establish their credit.
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Judgment and Lien Mailing Lists.


Each state has unique filing procedures that impact the type of offer and timing of when the message is presented. DML provides the most accurate notice of default marketing list available that is updated daily and derived from federal, state, and county filings. Allow us to help you reach out to consumers in need of your professional services.
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Preforeclosure and Notice of Default Mailing Lists.


We provide consultative mortgage and property marketing data services to help mortgage and marketing professionals reach the most qualified prospects available. P
artnering with the industry’s largest property and consumer credit and demographic data resources allows us to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive lists available for your campaign needs. Click here for more information on Mortgage and Property Mailing Lists.


We provide the most accurate and comprehensive suite of Adjustable Rate Mortgage data
available for mortgage and marketing professionals. ARM select attributes are derived directly from ARM Rider contracts, providing the industry's highest quality marketing file. Create your dream ARM mailing list with our variety of advanced selects to fit each budget. Click  here for more information on  Adjustable Rate Mortgage Mailing Lists.

HARP 2.0 can bring relief to many consumers that are locked into high interest rate loans and unable to refinance due to lack of equity, but have good credit history and not made any late payments.We provide unique Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lender targeting capabilities to isolate the highest quality prospect files.
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We have access to unique data sources which allows us to help you find the best value for your targeted niche group.
We evaluate the marketplace to determine the most effective file based on key data quality characteristics, the compiler and your goals. Click here for more information on Specialty Mailing Lists.



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