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     Targeting & Tips
     • Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 
       Filings, Releases and
       Dismissals are the most
       targeted segments

     • 501,848 Chapter 7 & 13
       Filings in the past year
     • 939,740 Chapter 7 & 13
       Releases in the past year

     • 159,642 Chapter 7 & 13 
       Dismissals in the past year


Campaign Services

Automotive Marketing:
Automotive Prescreen Credit 
Vehicle Ownership 

Attorney Marketing:

Email Marketing:
Email Marketing Services

Financial Services Marketing:
HARP 2.0
Preforeclosure & NOD
Specialty Campaigning   

Mortgage Marketing:

HARP 2.0
Preforeclosure & NOD

Bankruptcy Marketing 



Bankruptcy Campaigns for Automotive, Legal and Financial Services Offers

Bankruptcy campaigns can be an ideal complement to legal, financial and automotive prescreen credit marketing campaigns. To reach the best prospects, targeting is available by chapter and status, prescreen credit attributes, and Demographics. DML provides both prescreen and noncredit based solutions:

  • Prescreen integration for credit scored lists options with Bankruptcy selections. Firm Offer of Credit and FCRA disclaimers apply.
  • Stand alone public records data with demographics and homeownership attributes. Firm offer and FCRA disclaimers do not apply.

Our multi-file suppression capabilities streamline campaigning and reduce costs by eliminating processing time and duplicate records. We are marketing experts who understand your business. Our fast, consultative services and competitive pricing will give you the edge to succeed with your direct mail campaigns.


Interested in learning more? Consult with one of our experts about your specific needs:

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